Back to learning, art and science

On the 12th and 13th December is the first National event dedicated to the interaction between art and science, a two-day of studies and insights about the relationship between art, science and culture .
S.T.Art-Test , the diagnostic services company with which Art-Test Firenze collaborates, participate in the initiative, taking place at the Archaeological Museum of Himera (Termini Himerese, PA).
The event, organized by AiAR , also involves researchers from the Universities, CNR, ENEA, INFN and other research institutions that illustrate the application of scientific technologies to the works hosted  in various venues that hold the initiative, including museums, palaces, Archaeological Parks, and that will be connected by a streaming conference with the theme ” Archaeometric applications for Cultural Heritage” .
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Coming soon…

Art-Test Firenze and S.T.Art-Test are organizing other learning opportunities and seminars themed “art and science” : we will talk about the history of diagnostics, the application of classical scientific techniques and of forefront methodologies to cultural heritage, with the many case studies that our nearly ten-year activity in the field allows us.

We will soon let you know locations and dates, hoping to meet again your interest!