Goya: positive test

Recently published by Etgraphiae, the relevant book “Goya through his self-portraits” by Paolo Erasto Mangiante, already author of the fundamental book “Goya and Italy” (Palombi Editore).
In his latest book the author provides a new interpretation of the many self-portraits by Goya, identifying five categories, and through them tracing the often dramatic events of the life of the Aragonese painter.
The book is also an opportunity to present two new works. The analysis on the first self-portrait of Goya as a young man and the draft work for the altarpiece of San Bernardino have been granted to Art-Test. The text reads: “These tests have proven useful not only to ensure the authenticity of these works, but also to determine with certainty Goya’s signature. They also have provided very useful data on the materials used and the painting procedures by Francisco Goya in the elaboration of the paintings and on the drafting of the colors gradually applied.
Also the introduction by Claudio Strinati reports that the author was “supported by a series of technical and scientific examination of exemplary clarity and concreteness.
We are pleased that our analyzes have proved useful. We strive to support experts with certainties. After all we share the thought of Leonardo: “a little certainty is better than a big lie“.
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