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  • lo straordinario dipinto durante la presentazione delle operazioni di restauro e diagnostica

    Vasari, in the name of Michelangiolo

    In 2018, a fundraising project “In the Name of Michelangelo” was set up, supported by 132 donors from fourteen different countries, for the restoration of the monumental tomb of Michelangiolo Buonarroti, 1564-1576, built on a project by Giorgio Vasari, who painted also the large altarpiece with the “Ascent to Calvary” scene. The painting had in […]

  • 0b28fbf9-6da7-4fab-88f6-e34540b644b5

    Carlo Dolci a master of the seventeen century

    Carlo Dolci, also known as Carlino, was a beloved and acclaimed artist by the critics of his time, he was considered the greatest Florentine painter of the seventeenth century, contended by European nobility (although he almost never left the Tuscan territory). He was back in the spotlight thanks to the monographic exhibition at the Galleria […]

  • picasso

    Picasso, it wasn’t you!

    Art diagnostics is, among other things, an outpost for the protection of cultural heritage. The case we are presenting here is one of the many we have treated. Not all of them become public, and they do not all end in court. In France legislation imposes to destroy fake paintings. Perhaps this is too extreme. […]

  • IMG-8189

    POSSESSION – a tale of sick feelings for antiquities

    In 2014 we participated in the studies conducted on archeological finds seized from the excavations of Paestum. A unique and exciting experience, due to the richness of the material and the unrivaled scenery of the park. The investigations were designed to contribute to an exhibition – Possession – which had the intent to highlight the […]

  • Ritratto di Cardinale - Caravaggio

    A portrait by Caravaggio?

    Brazil welcomed the exhibition “Caravaggio and his followers: confirmations and problems” with extraordinary enthusiasm. The exhibition included 6 canvases painted by the Maestro and 14 works by the “Caravaggeschi”. The intent of the exhibition was also to update the panorama of studies on Caravaggio and his followers. In the rich catalog of the exhibition, for […]

  • DSC06653

    The sophistication of Filippino

    The Nerli altarpiece by Filippino Lippi (1457-1504), a magnificent panel still in the original location selected for it by the client Tanai de ‘Nerli -who is portrayed in the painting together with his wife Nanna- was restored by the talented Anna Teresa Monti. A detail of the IR Scanner reflectography of the Pala Nerli The […]