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We offer a wide range of solutions for all your  needs in diagnostics, restoration, authentication, attribution and more. Based on our extensive experience we know which tests are needed in each specific situation. This is the way we can avoid waste of precious time and money.

Professionalism is the least you should demand for your precious artwork, and that’s what our reputation is based on: we know and can use all the techniques, including cutting edge ones, but we will not sell a service when it’s not needed. We collaborate with best experts from universities, research centers, restoration labs, art historians, connoisseurs and specialists in specific techniques, styles, periods and artists.  We rather spend time in advance understanding our customer’s needs than provide an incomplete or useless result.

For instance, for an authenticity check, most of the times a quick test is sufficient, while for attribution it is necessary to dive deeper employing a few of the wide range of techniques in our portfolio. Therefore we offer different levels of service:

SPECIFIC TESTS, for those who already know what they need. The results can be provided with or without their analysis and interpretation.
PACKAGES, including the tests which needed for each customer’s specific goal:


A fast and inexpensive package of tests, often sufficient to uncover recent forgeries or replicas by detecting the presence of anachronisms in material/techniques.A brief report will be issued including interpretation of the results with respect to the test objectives. The package may change depending on supposed age, it generally includes:

  • UV Fluorescence survey
  • IR survey
  • 4 XRF Tests  -OR – 1 Chemical Analysis on microsample


Depending on the artwork material and the evaluation objectives, all the appropriate tests will be employed (but not more than the necessary ones!), selecting from our extensive range of solutions. Art historians, experts, connoisseurs will be involved for a thorough analysis and research where applicable.  A comprehensive report will be issued including interpretation of the results with respect to the objectives of the examination, and the opinion of the experts..

Our test selection includes:

Non-invasive analysis: 2D imaging, sample-based and 3D volumetric

Micro-invasive analysis: material analysis and dating

 For the complete list  we offer, please check Artwork Analysis



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