Modigliani real or fake?



The Genoa scandal or How to stop the never-ending sequel of false Modi’?

Carlo Pepi, the renown Modigliani expert, on Facebook condemns “the indecent, unpunished proliferation of fakes” at the exhibition on Modigliani currently running in Genoa: “One third of the paintings is false” one can read on major national newspapers. The curator replied, “We have given our lawyers the task to protect in every way, the moral and material image of the organizers of the exhibition and of the curator”. But it’s an uphill battle. The paintings of Modigliani are generally worth millions of euros. In New York the “Nu Couché”, realized in 1917-18, was knocked down for over 157 million euros, the second highest figure ever made for an artwork at an auction. And also for this reason they have been largely falsified, thanks also to figure such as Christian Parisot, a would-be expert, former chairman of the “Amedeo Modigliani Institute”. Now they will have to respond to the prosecutor’s office in Genoa (although the offense is only a violation of the code of cultural and landscape assets) that will use experts to confirm the authenticity of the works. But who and how can you authenticate a work of art?

By Italian law the expertise, i.e. the judgment on the authenticity of the value of a work of art by a deceased artist, is just as an expression of the constitutionally recognized right to free expression of thought. So, just an opinion. When it comes to recognizing a false, it’s always better to rely on science. As also Marc Restellini, curator of the Modigliani raisonné Catalog about to be published, states, that in order to prove that the Genoa paintings are false “we have all the scientific evidence”. Beware!