An original Self Portrait

Bought at auction as copy, it was confirmed original with the help of the diagnostic analyses performed by Art-Test Florence
During the SACI Symposium “Recognizing original artworks”, the self-portrait of Johan Zoffany (1777) has been presented. It was sold at an auction as a copy and it has been recently restored. The artwork shows the typical liveliness of the painter’s touch and drew the attention of Susan Grundy, art historian and collector, and convinced distinguished professor Mina Gregori. >> Yet it was the diagnostic test campaign carried out on the painting, with chemical analysis of the pigments and the Multilayer technique for image stratigraphy, that fully confirmed the painting authorship. Reflectography and X-rays showed some in-progress changes, which rule out the chance of it being of a copy, whereas chemical analyses confirmed the use of pigments typical of the painter’s palette. Further, some details of the curious dress sported by the painter led Cristina Giorgetti, costume historian, to confirm that the painting precedes the self-portrait of Cortona, of which this one is probably a sketch.