Art Diagnostics: The G7 Declaration Of Florence, And Happy Easter!

In the picture the Palmira Arch, destroyed by IS, virtually reconstructed and 3D “printed”. The artwork was exposed before Palazzo Vecchio in Florence during the G7 of Culture Meeting.

Florence hosted the first G7 of culture or the Summit of Ministers of Culture of the seven most developed countries (United States, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Canada). It is in fact the first time (the idea was proposed by Italy and by Renzi government) that in this context culture and heritage are also involved. The ministers of the seven countries signed the Florence Declaration, a “call to all States to adopt strong and effective measures to counter the looting and trafficking of cultural goods from their place of origin, especially from countries in situations of conflict or infighting, identify and prohibit trade in stolen goods that have been unlawfully taken beyond the borders“. The idea of culture as a dialogue tool and the revival of the European spirit have also been emphasized, with Europe wanting to carry on their own values, even against all separatist and fundamentalist movements.

We at Art-Test deeply believe in these values, and we hope that art and science will help beauty to save the world.

Happy Easter!