Learn how to fight fakes with a Master

The trade of fake artworks is a crime. But what is a fake, and how can you recognize it?

Last January 14th Art-Test Florence held a lecture on“TECHNIQUES OF SCIENTIFIC DATING – Artistic and architectural heritage, artworks origin analysis and false works recognition through scientific testing. Case Studies”.

The Master in “Judicial frauds and Crimes against Archaeology and Cultural Heritage” promoted by the Center for Criminologist, sociologists and legal Studies,  Department of Cultural Heritage and Archeomafie, in collaboration with “International Observatory Archeomafie”, aims to provide adequate training on the dynamics, strategies, objectives and modus operandi of those who in, a criminal manner, are dedicated to looting, theft and illicit trafficking of cultural goods. At the same time it aims at informing on how to recognize and evaluate works of art by scientific means, specifically devised for the identification of fakes.

Art-Test presented to a group of students including archaeologists, historians, lawyers and tourist guides, the multiplicity of analytical aspects relevant to identify inauthentic artworks, starting from the concept of fake, through the study of several examples in which various analytical techniques have been applied. Knowledge is power, also to defeat the illicit.

A new course is starting on the 25th of March. Interested? Apply here: