A precious return. The Crucifix at Fuligno’s Cenacolo

On Saturday May 19, in the beautiful location of the ancient Cenacolo di Fuligno museum in Florence, was held the official presentation of “Il Crocifisso del Fuligno”.
The book documents the restoration intervention performed on the precious wooden crucifix , unattributed but dated to 1495-1500, and close to Benedetto da Maiano school.
The publication goes through the work of Lisa Venerosi Pesciolini, restorer, and the latest methods of diagnostic analyses applied by Art-Test.
Now, after this accurate intervention, the crucifix has returned to its place of honor, back inside Fuligno’ s Cenacolo site, just between Perugino’s “Ultima Cena” and “Crocifissione con la Vergine e San Girolamo” .