International Symposium

“Is there a rule to affirm with certainty whether a fine painting was made by the hands of one or another master, and what is the safest way to set up your very good judgment?” wrote, centuries ago, Filippo Baldinucci, the Florentine art historian to his friend Vincenzo Capponi.
The matter of attribution will be discussed at the International Symposium “Recognizing Originality in Old Master Paintings”, in Florence, at SACI International Centre for Art and Design, on Friday, Oct. 12. During this special day, three beautiful paintings of the XVII and XVIII century will be exposed – “Self-Portrait” attributed to Johan Zoffany, “Portrait of a philosopher” by an anonymous painter, manner of Caravaggio, and “Countess of Oxford” attributed to Anthony Van Dyck – and international experts, including Art-Test Florence, will relate on this subject.

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Simposio SACI-sito.1

“Self-portrait”, attr. J. Zoffany


“Portrait of a philosopher”, manner of Caravaggio.


“Countess of Oxford”, attr. to A. Van Dyck