Art Diagnostics as far as Azerbaijan

The Association YOuth in COnservation of CUltural heritage (YOCOCU) was born 6 years ago, to favour contacts and build a concrete network of young professionals in art conservation, covering a wide range of expertises.
The firs three conferences were held between Italy and Belgium (Roma 2008, Palermo 2010 and Antwerp 2012), however for this year edition, the select hosting city was Agsu in Azerbaijan, with clear intention to, also in this fields, bridge Russian speaking countries and all the Middle East with Europe.
A well praised event, as conferences and workshop are an indispensable means to establish concrete relationships and share work experiences. Especially in a truly multidisciplinary enviroment such as that of art conservation and preservation where chemistry, physics, biology, restoration studies intermingle.
yococu_sitoF. Alberghina, L. Damiani, S. Schiavone together with Art-Test and S.T.Art-Test took part to the workshop with the paper “How many layers of what? An integrated non-invasive approach for the understanding of painting’s stratigraphy” in the “Pigments and Paintings” section.
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