“Sotto l’oro” (Beyond gold) – The first diagnostic database

Art-Test wishes to introduce you to an unprecedented and ultimately relevant work: a database of diagnostic data of over 100 paintings of Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena.

This work is now available to all scholars and connoisseurs and anyone who wishes to finally have a certain reference data for materials and techniques used by a  particular author.

It is one of a kind, the first and only such system worldwide.

The collection of paintings of the “Pinacoteca Nazionale” of Siena holds wide groups of works of different masters from the XII to the XVI century, especially from the XIV and XV centuries such as Duccio, Cennino Cennini, Memmi family, Sano di Pietro, Giovanni di Paolo, Lorenzo Monaco, Puccinelli, Spinello Aretino, Michelino da Besozzo, Lorenzetti, Beccafumi, Genga, Pino, Sodoma, Sofonisba and many others.

This database enables in-depth studies of the technique, style, purpose and personality of each author. It further enables the study of the evolution of the “modus operandi”, the way of work and of the style across centuries, and of the relations between different artists and schools.

By means of the adopted testing methodologies, the techniques and the materials constituting the support can be assessed with considerable precision, as well as the preparatory drawing and the diffferent painting layers and their state of preservation . These types of information are required both for maintenance and attribution purposes.

Sienese works of this period are included in many international collections ( eg . Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York- coll. Lehmann-; Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; Gemaeldegalerie, Berlin; Salini Collection, Asciano; Alte Pinakotek, Muenchen; Musée du Louvre, Paris; National Gallery, London ).

However we must also consider a wide production of nineteenth-century counterfeits and the presence of works in a poor state of preservation that makes the attribution by means of traditional systems of ‘connoisseurship’ quite unreliable. The database offers therefore a fundamental reference tool for authentication.

The database contains X-rays , IR scanner InGaAs reflectography , with digital back CCD filtered , UV fluorescence and XRF data for the analysis of painting materials .

The development of such system required the commitment for around 6 months of 6 qualified operators (graduates and PhD ) for acquisitions and for reading the data, and of computer scientists to build the database .

The system is already available for purchase. The database is also available online and/or on optical/magnetic support, through the appropriate application. There are two software packages:

1-  program for on-line browsing

2- program for full access to the database with the option to save data and images

For further information do not hesitate to contact us at the email address info@art-test.com


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