Some examples of our 20 years track record

We have been working on a very wide range of artworks from ancient to contemporary period, including very famous artists.

Our customer’s privacy is of paramount importance, therefore we cannot disclose information on many important discoveries. Here you can find some published examples of analyses we have performed.

“Sotto l’oro”

The first diagnostic database

Art-Test wishes to introduce you to an unprecedented and ultimately relevant work: a database of diagnostic data of over 100 paintings of Pinacoteca Nazionale di Siena.

By means of the adopted testing methodologies, the techniques and the materials constituting the support can be assessed with considerable precision, as well as the preparatory drawing and the diffferent painting layers and their state of preservation . These types of information are required both for maintenance and attribution purposes.

E’ il primo ed al momento unico sistema di questo genere al mondo.

It’s the first and, at the moment, only system of this kind in the world.

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