Support for Restoration of Artworks

For almost 20 years, Art-Test has been offering its services for this purpose to superintendencies, restoration companies, professionals and museums.

The methods employed consist of chemical-physical laboratory analyses and on-site acquisitions to establish:


  • constituent materials and executive techniques;
  • degradation processes and their possible causes;
  • the presence of previous interventions;
  • the state of conservation interventions and their effectiveness;
  • scheduling of maintenance interventions
Scientific analyses for the restoration of a work of art
Instrumentation for analysis to support the restoration of an artistic artefact

Our diagnostic methods are designed to evaluate the state of conservation of an artwork, understand the nature of the materials used and evaluate any alterations due to natural deterioration or previous interventions.

All the data obtained and their interpretation, together with the data on the instrumentation used, are fully described in the final report.

Images at original resolution are also provided.