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Art-Test offers a variety of dedicated professional services for the analysis of paintings and artworks in general.

Technical examinations can provide information about materials and techniques used by artists. They may also reveal the extent of old damages now concealed by past restoration. Moreover, they can supply important art historical facts that can identify artists, assist in dating and help to uncover forgeries. Thus the results of our investigations enable the detailed planning of targeted conservation activities, and support the monitoring and recording of their execution phases.

Art-Test services are meant for private and public institutions, art collectors, exhibition and museum curators and conservators.

Our techniques are applicable to different sorts of artworks irrespective of size, material, techniques and period of execution.

The analyses are carried out largely with our portable non-invasive instruments, i.e. without the need of moving the artwork from its location and without extracting any sample from it. When micro-sampling is required for the test objectives, we limit it to the strict minimum in accordance with our customers.

You can find more specific information about our services in the following pages:

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