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  • November 2020: Looking Good?

  • October 2020: The Show Must Go On(line)

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  • April 2020: Eastern At Their Place

  • March 2020: Discoveries And Disasters

  • December 2020: Season Greetings And More

  • September 2019: One Caravaggio Too Many?

  • August 2019

  • April 2019: Flemish Discoveries

  • February 2019: From Many Viewpoints

  • December 2018: Motion Is The Cause Of Every Life

  • September 2018: Artificial Intelligence And New Attributions

  • August 2018: We Deserve A Holiday

  • May 2018: Data Protection

  • May 2018: Why Have We Not Thought About This Before?

  • March 2018 The First Spring Flower

  • February 2018 Fakes Also In Exhibitions: Who Should We Trust

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