Dating of Artworks

The possibility of an exact dating of a work of art is the dream of every scholar and also of every diagnostician.

Unfortunately, the truth is that an infallible and precise method of dating, valid for every type of object, does not exist.

However, there are several methods that allow you to limit the production period.

Datazione delle opere d'arte

The methods are different depending on the material to be dated

Thermoluminescence can be used for ceramic and terracotta objects. This is sometimes also used to date the bronzes, through the analysis of their fusion earth.

For objects made of organic materials such as wood or canvas, the carbon-14 method can be used.

Other methods to deduce the period of production are indirect methods, such as the study of the pigments used in the work of art, which have varied over time, thanks to the adoption of new materials, as they were discovered or developed.

The same philosophy is adopted for other types of objects, such as for statues or drawings on paper.

Naturally, also in this case specific knowledge is essential for the collection and treatment of samples. Even the slightest errors or oversights can affect the reliability of the final result.