Our methodology portfolio

Advanced imaging

There is more to a painting that what meets the eye. With multispectral/hyperspectral and multimodal imaging, such as ultraviolet fluorescence (UV), visible, infrared (IR) and X-rays images, to name the most common, we collect new and essential information to help in the conservation, assessment and authentication of artworks.

Analytical techniques

Very small fragments, taken by expert hands, after careful evaluation, can reveal essential elements to understand the technique and the materials used. Highly advanced solutions with optical and electronic microscopes and techniques such as Raman, FTIR, XRD are available.


These techniques are used to document and analyse the external and internal structure of objects of any size. In this way, very important details can be observed, and measured, without manipulating the artwork.

Data processing

Each work of art is unique. A comparative study and years of experience are needed to interpret the data collected correctly. We process the data with methods we have developed in years and provide comprehensive reports.

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