FA-DDT: a Passport for Fine Art

It’s used to declare the state of preservation of the piece for any displacement

An ad hoc transport document can be very useful for artworks safety.

In fact, this starts from knowing their “state of health”, which is even more important to know before each move, whether for a simple view, preliminary to a sale, or for an exhibition.

Transport document for works of art
Example of trasport document for works of art

We all know the Condition Report which well describes, in detail, the status quo of an artifact. It is a precious document, usually written in many pages, which takes time to be written and to be read.

At Art-Test we have created a transport document for works of art, the Fine Art Transport Document (FA-DDT), borrowing the terminology currently in use for general shipments, which contains the basic information in just two pages and which comes in a plasticized version, therefore more difficult to damage or modify.

In fact, the document was created to have a legal value as well. It will be identified by a unique code, date and place of writing signed by our embossed stamp, so as to be hardly counterfeited.

The FA-DDT records the identification data of the work and the conservation features, alongside the front / back photos, the observations deduced from viewing the work with UV lamp, appropriately filtered.

If necessary, thematic maps of the criticalities found will also be included.

This document will give the possibility of an immediate check of the work at the end of each movement, whatever it is. It will also be useful for a first presentation of the work at the time of a “vision”, saving time, energy and money, without compromising on quality.

Fine art transport certification