We organise training courses on Diagnostics for Art, for students and professionals, seminars, stages.

We provide lectures at Italian and Foreign Universities  and are active in dissemination of art analysis techniques and methodologies. We have been giving talks on several authors and subjects, including: Bellini, Benedetto da Maiano, Caravaggio, El Greco, Filippino, Leonardo, Ligozzi, Raffaello, Ribera, Simone Martini, Velazquez, Zoffany.

We collaborate with public and private institutions, participate to conferences and contribute to scientific publications and exhibition catalogues.

    • RAI – TG3 Nov 2012
      RAI – TG3 Nov 2012
    • EXPO Shanghai (Cn) 2010
      EXPO Shanghai (Cn) 2010
    • Course on Art Diagnostics
      Course on Art Diagnostics
    • Stockholm seminar 2014
      Stockholm seminar 2014


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