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For all your requests concerning study, imagery, or scientific analysis of  artworks we offer the best diagnostic methods currently available, (and are always active in research to discover new methods)

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We offer differentiated levels of services:

Ranging from from professional technical examinations of artworks to trainings, Art-Test offers a variety of services.

Thanks to our extensive experience we can advise in each specific case on which tests are needed, so to best employ time and money.

Don’t hesitate to request an estimate for any need, from a single diagnostic image to a fully fledged examination.









Requiem for authentications by foundations and archives?

A foundation is not always right: all acquitted in the Bolzano trial related to five alleged fake "De Dominicis" The evidence brought by the prosecutor, namely the De Dominicis...

Magritte, a skillful forger

Did he really produce fake Picasso, Braque, De Chirico ? The scandal of Magritte consciously producing intentional forgeries of other authors, such as Picasso, Braque, and De...

Love letters from Last Generation

Artistic language arises as a means of communication, a way to convey emotions, ideas, and values. Art has deep roots in human history. It likely emerged when men and women...

“Authentication and dating of cultural assets” at the Biennial School of Advanced Training in Judicial Archaeology® and Crimes against Cultural Heritage

Just about every day, we hear about crimes against archaeological heritage. And we're not just talking about stolen archaeological artifacts, but also unwitting buyers who find...

CNA Florence Art-Test Partnership: Enhancing Restoration Projects with Scientific Analysis

Art-Test has joined CNA Florence, an association representing artisans and their small to medium-sized enterprises in the province of Florence. The fFlorentine seat of the...

The best of BRAFA, Bruxelles Art Fair 2024

The year for antique art dealers (and not only) begins with BRAFA in Belgium, the country with the highest number of collectors per square kilometer. We propose a very personal...

The Terrified Face Beneath Goliath of El Prado: Another Self-Portrait by Caravaggio?

When restoring and investigating masterpieces, something intriguing will always be uncovered. The diagnostic images of Caravaggio's 'David and Goliath,' now at the Prado and...

Do you want to know more: Florence Heri-Tech

The progress of the science for cultural heritage is a fascinating journey. Every day it brings new discoveries, case studies, and data that expand our understanding of works of...

To preserve is to know, to know is to preserve

For some time, the topic of heritage preservation as a means of educating society has been approached in various ways. Invited by the president of the Rotary Club of the island...

The Prenestine Fibula

Etruscan? A long debate followed the discovery of the so-called Prenestine Fibula, found in Palestrina, ancient Praeneste, since its official presentation in 1887 by the German...

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