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For all your requests concerning study, imagery, or scientific analysis of  artworks we offer the best diagnostic methods currently available, (and are always active in research to discover new methods)

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We offer differentiated levels of services:

Ranging from from professional technical examinations of artworks to trainings, Art-Test offers a variety of services.

Thanks to our extensive experience we can advise in each specific case on which tests are needed, so to best employ time and money.

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Why Basquiat became such an idol?

Paris, an artist, two exhibitions From April 2023 to August 28, the Fondation Louis Vuitton presents "Basquiat x Warhol, a Four-Handed Collaboration", an exhibition on the...

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Art-Test will be among the teaching staff of the Biennial School of Advanced Training in Judicial Archaeology® and Crimes against Cultural Heritage organized by 𝑪𝑺𝑪! The Biennial...

The women who succeeded in selling Van Gogh

Let us introduce you to: Johanna Van Gogh - Bonger We all know Vincent Van Gogh, the Dutch painter, probably the most famous artist of the 19th century, and perhaps of the entire...

The Bavarian Cranach mystery will soon be solved, here is how

Scientific analyses will once again be crucial in determining the authenticity of a painting. A small town in Bavaria, along with its monastery and a painting preserved there,...

Scientific Analyses Shed Light on Rubens’ Painting, Casting Shadows on Public Collection

How to distinguish a copy from the original, one author from the other? French painter Laurent de la Hyre, "Cyrus Announcing to Araspas that Panthea Has Obtained His Pardon"...

The curious tale of Vermeer’s copy and Ficherelli’s Original

There are names that are famous today and are considered immortal, such as Caravaggio or… Vermeer. However, some of them weren't considered geniuses at all during their lifetime,...

Who knows Leon Monet? Without his chemistry skills perhaps his brother Claude would not have gone far

Almost everything has already been said about the great Claude Monet. But there is another Monet in the history of Impressionism: it is Léon, brother of the painter and also...

Art dealer or Art advisor?

One day cinema will explain it to you… In an unregulated industry, art consulting is marred by legal disputes. Welcome to a world where ignorance reigns and trust is rigged with...

Naples and Madrid sent some of their most prestigious works around the world and the reasons for these departures are varied

With the beautiful season just around the corner, who doesn't want to take a nice trip? Even paintings are granted this possibility! Capodimonte's masterpieces at the Louvre...

Authentic or Replica?

Anna Pelagotti Unveiled: different versions of Caravaggio's works show contrasting details thanks to scientific analyses Two versions of a Caravaggio painting reveal significant...

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