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For all your requests concerning study, imagery, or scientific analysis of  artworks we offer the best diagnostic methods currently available, (and are always active in research to discover new methods)

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We offer differentiated levels of services:

Ranging from from professional technical examinations of artworks to trainings, Art-Test offers a variety of services.

Thanks to our extensive experience we can advise in each specific situazione on which tests are needed, so to best employ time and money.

Don’t hesitate to request an estimate for any need, from a single diagnostic image to a fully fledged examination.









Authentic or Replica?

Anna Pelagotti Unveiled: different versions of Caravaggio's works show contrasting details thanks to scientific analyses Two versions of a Caravaggio painting reveal significant...

Art-Test and Givoa sign a transoceanic collaboration agreement!

Jimena Aballay In the art world, collaboration between professionals and experts is essential to promote innovation and achieve cutting-edge and excellent results. In this...

Rescued treasures and unmasked impostors

Among the Italian archaeological finds recovered by the Carabinieri in America, many could be fakes. A museum is ready for the others Anna Pelagotti «Investigation into art never...

It wasn’t us

Anna Pelagotti A Pompeian fresco loaned for the "Alexandria: Past Futures" exhibition returned severely damaged, but nobody assumes responsibility The exhibition, held first in...

The disaster caused by severe weather conditions in Emilia Romagna could have happened anywhere. And in Italy we are not ready.

Anna Pelagotti The bad weather that caused flooding and landslides in Emilia Romagna was neither unpredictable nor unexpected. That global warming due to greenhouse gases emitted...

Cultural images held hostage

The Italian Republic should prmote the development of culture and scientific and technical research. But no Emanuela Massa Article 9 of the Italian Constitution, which turns 75...

When some animal species disappear and animal art becomes a booming market

Marine Butera From BRAFA to TEFAF 2023 edition, some observers will have noticed the strong presence of animal sculptures (and especially bronze animal sculptures). Is it because...

Art-Test participates with diagnostic tests to the restoration of 1100 m2 mosaics of the Baptistery in Florence

The large project for the Baptistery has entered its final phase. It is supported by the Opera del Duomo and started in 2014 with the restoration of the external facades and roof...

Art and Business in Maastricht (NL)

Despite the spectacular theft suffered during the last edition, and a series of changes at the top, this 2023 edition confirmed TEFAF (The European Fine Art Foundation) as the...

Why the trial against Ravensburger for the unauthorized use of the image of the Vitruvian Man was a serious mistake

Ravensburger has a puzzle in its catalog that reproduces the famous drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, and for this reason, it has been the subject of an order by the Venice Court,...

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