Data Processing and Modeling

The complementary information provided by the various techniques can be exploited to identify the different materialsdetecting restorations, classification or for virtual restorationvirtual cleaning and so on.   The various diagnostic services that we offer are based on different physical principles and capture different and often complementary information, that often can to be joined together to draw more informative results.

These analyses are meant to automatically and meaningfully combine different diagnostics modalities and boost their possibilities for material detection, classification, change detection, and unmixing. We use custom algorithms, similar to the ones common in e.g. remote sensing application. E.g. we can jointly process the multispectral data acquired in the visible, IR and Uv fluorescence modes to locate and identify the different materials on the painting.

Art-Test has been developing these methods in collaboration with scientist from major institutions like Università della Sapienza of Rome, University of Florence, Fondazione Bruno Kessler of Rome and Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence.

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