A 12 years old Modigliani, on video

May 22, 2024 | Art Word, Auctions, Authentications & attributions

Could it have been a very young Amedeo who painted this portrait of a girl?

This artwork, which admittedly does not look like the famous Modigliani, but supposedly was painted when the artist was only 12, has been studied for years and has been subjected to numerous investigations (including those by Art-Test) and appraisals. If you want to know more, in anticipation of the auction, the Pananti auction house has produced the documentary: “The Mystery of Medea. Modigliani in Sardinia” curated by the director Giovanni Piscaglia, and the same painting is included in the upcoming auction catalogue.

The historic Gallery and Auction House Pananti, located in Palazzo Peruzzi on the “antique dealers’ street” in Florence since 1968, has started publishing a series of videos about the auction world. The episodes tell the story of this particular world from within, and give insights of the journey an artwork undergoes from the current owner to the hammer.

In the videos also the studies conducted on the artworks, are described, of course, as well as, sometimes, the restorations they have undergone, and why not, the role of diagnostics, both for restorations and for authentication.

An innovative project that allows us to step into the auction world in an engaging way.

The publication of the episodes began last year, and the channel is periodically enriched with new themes.

Art-Test will be featured in one of the upcoming episodes of “The Mystery of Medea“. In the previous one, Christian Parisot gave his opinion on the painting.

In the next one, an Art-Test specialist will illustrate the diagnostic campaign carried out on the painting, explaining what the correct approach is for authenticating an artwork.

We will talk about what analyses need to be performed to understand if a painting can be considered, in its material, not incompatible with the proposed era, and also about what peculiarities to take note of, especially the importance of a condition report that highlights the conservation history and helps interpret the data acquired during the diagnostic campaign.

For us, it will be a new way of telling a part of our work, and we invite all of you to watch the episodes of this special series on the dedicated channel.

For all the details, we refer you to the “next episode” online!

Emanuela Massa
Emanuela Massa