Art-Test and SpeakART to join forces and offer additional services to collectors

Nov 20, 2022 | Art-Test News, Instruments

Digitise, preserve, share

A software that revolutionizes the art and collectibles sector, simplifying the management processes of the life cycle of an asset and offering effective support for every event and for every need.

SpeakART is the ideal platform for a simple and fast sharing of information between internal users and external players, guaranteeing the optimization of times and costs and the reliability of information in an “all in one” system.

The value of an asset lies in its information: the Management System allows you to catalog each type of asset both quickly and efficiently, and in a more precise and in-depth manner: works of art, collectibles and “passion” assets. Ample space is dedicated to media, documents and the creation of forms to record all the events involving the assets (from exposures to condition reporting and evaluations).

The technological innovation created by SpeakART allows you to create, with a simple photograph, the fingerprint of an asset: a proprietary algorithm offers the possibility of recognizing damage, natural decay and forgeries, detecting changes over a period of time.

SPIN (SpeakART Insurance) also makes the insurance process simpler, faster and more efficient: by optimizing the exchange of information and document management, it guarantees the best communication between insurance companies, intermediaries and customers, eliminating waste of time and resources.

Over time, Speakart has established strong relationships with important partners and clients such as Arte Generali, the Emilio Isgró archive, Crea Cantieri del Contemporaneo, important private collections and many others, to which is added Art-Test.

Together we will be able to provide the possibility of an in-depth assessment of the state of conservation and extremely efficient, safe and reliable management of any small or large collection.

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