Jul 29, 2018 | Art-Test News, Conferences, Highlights

For Art-Test, the Aiar appointment is double. If you have missed the interesting workshop on Caravaggio last April in Empoli, you can take the opportunity to see the work of Art-Test in conjunction with S.T. Art-Test entitled “Caravaggio or not Caravaggio? Preliminary scientific evidence for the attribution of the St. John the Baptist of Empoli (Tuscany)”. How many of sensational discoveries news are given when it comes to names such as Caravaggio, however, without the support of an adequate system of preliminary studies? The infrared analysis on Empoli version of San Giovanni Battista discloses important factual discoveries; the debate is open: the scientific data can really make a difference and rewrite the entire history of a painting!
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Silvia Fiaschi

Silvia Fiaschi

Silvia, how did you become a restorer? What was your training path? Since primary school I have shown a certain predisposition to drawing and manual skills that my family has always supported by enrolling me in private painting courses. Attending the Martenot Art...