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Jan 21, 2024 | Conferences, Cutural Heritage, Discoveries, Instruments, Studies and Projects

The progress of the science for cultural heritage is a fascinating journey. Every day it brings new discoveries, case studies, and data that expand our understanding of works of art, revealing their origins and enabling us to grasp when they were created. It also allows for simpler and safer restoration processes, creating suitable conservation environments and monitoring artifacts for timely intervention.

Science is generally conducted in laboratories, primarily by scientists. However, it would remain a dead letter if not embraced by conservators and diagnosticians, and if a continuous dialogue was not established.

Florence Heri-Tech, the conference held in Florence, Italy, since 2018, is the forge of this meeting between science and conservation. A stage where an excellent Scientific Conference joins a prestigious Restoration Fair. The next event is scheduled for April 29 and 30, with the deadline for the submission of contributions set for March 25. All instructions are available here: Paper Submission – Florence Heri-Tech (

All accepted articles will be made available in Open Access, thus promoting the widest dissemination of the presented innovative ideas and data. If you wish to explore the previous stages of this scientific journey, the proceedings of past editions, published by Springer, can be found here: Past Editions Proceedings – Florence Heri-Tech (

We look forward to reading and listening to the new discoveries and discussing their applications with the restorers!

Anna Pelagotti
Anna Pelagotti