Let’s be Van Eyck

Nov 11, 2021 | Uncategorized

How many times have we talked about how diagnostics helps to understand the process of making a work of art? About how it is essential to discriminate an original work from a fake. About how it is necessary to understand the autography of an artefact through the layers not visible to our eye. How it is a fun time machine that takes us back to the very moment in which the artist created the artwork. Is like if we sat next to him and watched him. But what happens if we are the artist?  Indeed, what happens if we could recreate a work by a given artist in the same way that he himself did it?

For example, we can reproduce a work by following step by step all what we know about Van Eyck and his art.

Do you want to try? You could try to search for Jan Bustin, or other artists that shared their experience. 

Some things can only be understood by doing!


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