Leonardo: Salaì or da Vinci’s hand?

Jun 21, 2022

A superb painting was presented to public as it became, through a highly generous donation of Bernardo Caprotti, part of the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana collection. Art-Test had the true privilege to investigate it with IR Scanner Reflectography, IR false color, UV fluorescence and Multilayer Method. It resulted as one of the most amazing paintings we ever came to analyze.

It is now proposed, after a 7 years period of intense studies, as a painting by Leonardo. The shocking image which appears in reflectography, showing the serene figure of a woman, sharing the same outline to the overwhelming “face of Christ, which is the subject of the visible painting, provides an intense emotion which is not to forget.

The impressive attribution brought, as to be expected, a lot criticism. We invite you to go and see it live, and to have a look at the IR scanner image which is published in the book: “Il Caprotti di Caprotti: il pittore che non c’e’”, by M. Zecchini, Marsilio Editore, 2013. In the book the author explains that this is the only known top-quality painting from Salai’, the beloved disciple of Leonardo, and the only one with his signature. Salai’ is thought to have been the model for many of the Leonardo’s paintings and sketches, and there is little doubt that this painting also depicts Salai. Whether Salai’ managed to make such a great self-portrait in the figure of Jesus, is rather doubtful…

You can also admire this wonderful painting in this video.