Velazquez: data confirm authenticity of Waterseller

Jun 21, 2022

In preparation of the exhibition “Novecento sedotto” at Museo Bardini in Florence, restoration of the Waterseller painting of Velazquez from the collection of the Uffizi museum has taken place. Another version of the Waterseller is at the Wellington Musem in London and in Baltimore, and the attribution of the Uffizi painting to Velazquez has always been a matter of discussion.

The painting was first sent to Art-Test for diagnostic testing prior to restoration. The data of the analysis showed no contradiction concerning the materials used and data confirm that there is no reason to doubt its authenticity.

Concerning the relation with the other paintings by the same author on the same subject, it is not possible to ascertain which one is the first version. Based on current information, the Uffizi version might be the first one, but in order to confirm this assumption X-Rays and infrared analysis would be required.