Clearance Sale

Oct 27, 2020 | Art-Test News, Auctions, Cutural Heritage

Have you ever tried to imagine your life without art?

That thing you always thought was frivoloussuperficial and superfluous, not your core business, bit of a waste of time, that thing that I may read later, now I don’t feel like it, it is not so important.

The same thing that makes you better, beautiful, cultured people. That pushes you to go to museums, and to distant cities, thta makes you pull out your mobile to take hundreds of photos (which you punctually ruin with big faces with unlikely expressions). The one that makes you gasp and makes your heart sing.

Arguably, art saved us during the first terrible and interminable lockdown, all glued to the screens waiting for a new culture pill. And now? Now nothing … Museums and exhibitions are again closed, in most part of the world, no galleries, no fairs: art has fallen into oblivion, and the sector is struggling, many risk closure.

The phenomenon has a global reach. The Brooklyn museum was forced to sell 12 works from the collection at Christie’s. The paintings offered for sale were by big names like Donato de ‘BardiLucas Cranach the ElderGustave CourbetCorotMiro’. A new sale is coming.

What will happen to this art? Probably in private hands, someone will have itjust for themselves. And we will (almost) all be a little poorer.