Free images in a free state

Nov 30, 2023 | Art Word, Cutural Heritage

In contrast with the current government, the Italian Court of Auditors advocates for open access policies for images

No duties on the reproduction of images should be due, not as the current Government insists on requesting since last April’s decree.

Denying the free circulation of images, as everyone involved in cultural heritage and marketing knows, can only have a negative impact, not only on the economy of those working in this field, and therefore on the national GDP, but also, if this first factor could be considered irrelevant, isolating Italy. This impacts the spread of its culture and reduces its appreciation, as well as the knowledge of Italian cultural assets, which should be the primary objective at the ministerial level.

In the Court of Auditors deliberation, is emphasized that the introduction of such a fee structure does not consider the unique characteristics underlying the functioning of the web, nor does it take into account the potential harm to the community.

This position also contradicts the National Plan for the Digitization of Cultural Heritage (PND). The Court continues by recognizing that the strategy pursued by the Ministry of Culture through the adoption of the decree is short-sighted concerning the potential development of digitization in scientific and knowledge terms, as well as its role as a catalyst for cultural growth and the tourism enhancement of the territory.

Will the Government manage to change course?

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