A portrait by Caravaggio?

Jun 22, 2022

Brazil welcomed the exhibition “Caravaggio and his followers: confirmations and problems” with extraordinary enthusiasm.

The exhibition included 6 canvases painted by the Maestro and 14 works by the “Caravaggeschi”.

The intent of the exhibition was also to update the panorama of studies on Caravaggio and his followers.

In the rich catalog of the exhibition, for each single work exhibited, the motivation for the proposed attribution is presented, if still uncertain, and the diagnostic investigation carried out is illustrated.

ArtTest Firenze contributed with a contribution on “Portrait of a Cardinal“, in the Uffizi Collection in Florence, which leaves Italy for the first time.

Among the various features that emerged, the most interesting is undoubtedly derived from the analysis with the Art-Test patented Multilayer method ®. Thanks to the exclusive technique of stratigraphic rendering of the image, the clear reading of a pre-existing writing is highlighted at Layer 5 and, at Layer 7, the preparatory drawing of the Master who clearly defined the contours of the cardinal’s robe, with a “hood” on the vest, which is different from what can be seen with the naked eye.