Scientific analyses revealing art’s hidden stories.

Professional art research for conservation, dating,  authentication and attribution

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We are a team of multi-skilled very experienced professionals, sharing passion and respect for art combined with a thorough scientific background, and conservation education.

Together we offer the best diagnostic methods currently available, and are always active in research to discover and provide new methods, to provide you with the best and most complete answers to your quesitons.

We are at your service since 2005.

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Don’t hesitate to request an estimate for any custom diagnostic service you may need, be it a single x-rays image to a fully fledged examination. All our customers deserve the same attention.

Forgery detection

An inexpensive package of tests designed to uncover recent forgeries.

Rapid analyses

When a quick decision has to be made, e.g. before buying at auction

Scientific analysis for new discoveries

An all including testing tailored to scientifically support new discoveries, including a full report issued with expert’s interpretation of results. 

Comprehensive testing for
high-profile artwork

A comprehensive testing with a full report issued with expert’s interpretation of results, tailored for high profile artworks to eg. accompanying a commercial transaction or to stand a litigation.

Bespoke analyses