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Art Analysis, Authentication, Attribution


Art-Test Services

Welcome to Art-Test
We are a leading company specialized in scientific analyses for authentication, attribution, technical studies and conservation of art objects.
Based in Florence, Italy, and in Brussels, Belgium, with nearly 20 years activity in the field, we offer tailored solutions and a transparent process. We issue fully comprehensive reports, we value your privacy and we are independent from the art market.
Contact us if you need a state of the art, reliable and well documented assessment of your artwork.
Leonardo da Vinci’s words are our motto: “E’ meglio una piccola verita’ che una grande bugia” (“A small truth is better than a big lie“).

SILVER ART-TEST: a preliminary check

A fast and inexpensive package of tests sufficient to uncover recent forgeries

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GOLDEN/PLATINUM ART-TEST – A full examination 

Depending on the artwork material and the evaluation objectives, the appropriate techniques will be applied and a comprehensive report will be issued with expert’s interpretation of results. We can choose from:

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